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Supports Immune and Environmental Health.

I use many Essential Oils daily.


I put oils in my bath, in my hair products, on my skin, and use them for cleansing, anti-aging protection and for the wonderful fragrances. 


"Clarycalm" smells wonderful and balances hormones.


"Beautiful"  includes Bergamot, Lime, Frankincense and Osmanthus. Ahhh.


I use their shampoo and hair conditioner.


I use Deep Blue cream topically for pain relief, for sciatica and shingles nerve pains.


I use several like lemon, wild orange and even Frankincense in my water.


I use OnGuard blend of antibiotic oils for teeth, mouthwash, soaps, surface cleansers, clothes and oral lozenges, and in water, and diffused to breathe.


As they say....Fall in Love All Over Again....but this time with Essential Oils.




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